How Waste-to-Energy Facilities Benefit from Rubbish Removal Services

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Today, rubbish removal services are critical if you consider Australia's constantly increasing population in major cities over the last couple of years. Rather than dispose of waste in landfills, rubbish removal services take garbage to recycling plants and waste-to-energy facilities. In fact, WTE (waste-to-energy) facilities rely greatly on rubbish removal services to convert as much waste as possible into usable energy. This article highlights different ways that rubbish removal services assist WTE facilities.

Ensures Steady Supply of Waste 

When waste ends up in landfills, the decomposition process releases methane — a greenhouse gas — which is more potent than carbon dioxide. Thus, rubbish removal companies play a crucial role in reducing the amount of waste in landfills. Besides protecting the environment by keeping garbage away from landfills, rubbish removal services assist waste-to-energy facilities in producing more energy. For instance, when WTE facilities incinerate garbage, the heat is used to boil water, with the resulting steam powering turbines to generate electrical energy. Consequently, WTE facilities need to incinerate as much waste as possible to generate more renewable energy. However, it is unlikely to happen if rubbish removal services dispose of garbage in landfills. Therefore, rubbish removal services ensure WTE facilities have a steady supply of waste to generate enough energy by simply redirecting waste away from landfills.

Frees Up Space for Community-Based WTE Facilities

Landfills occupied large tracts of land for a long time to accommodate the large volumes of waste produced in the cities. Conversely, you could only find WTE sites in select areas, making the implementation of waste-to-energy programs challenging. The reason is that the few rubbish removal services available had to ferry waste over long distances to WTE facilities. Unfortunately, it harms the environment, thanks to emissions from rubbish removal trucks. Today, the numerous rubbish removal companies available have reduced the overall size of landfills. Consequently, WTE facilities continue to become more pervasive, bringing recycling initiatives close to the community.

Resource Recovery

Mixed waste is difficult to recycle because of the challenges associated with sorting. Rather than take mixed waste to landfills, rubbish removal services redirect it to WTE plants. Here, mixed waste is incinerated, with combustible materials like plastics and clothes burning entirely and leaving behind metals. WTE plants then recover the metals post-incineration and sell them to recycling plants, making money in the process. 

Reach out to a rubbish removal service to see where they take their rubbish to.