Safety Tips for Using Fire Extinguishers

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Paying attention to the safety of your surrounding environment is important. It is easy to contain a fire both at home and your workplace using fire extinguishers. They are put in place to deal with emergency cases of fire outbreak. Proper handling of fire extinguishers will determine the effectiveness of the procedure. Therefore, it is important to learn the dos and don'ts when using fire extinguishers to avoid further damages or accidents.  Discussed below are some of the safety tips:


It is important to ensure that the extinguishers are stored safely when not in use. Either use protective cabinets or hang them on walls.

The Size of the Fire

Different types of extinguishers will be used for various sizes of fire. For instance, a portable fire extinguisher is usually used to contain a small fire.

Training or Demonstration

When buying fire extinguishers for either home or workplaces, you need to ensure there is proper training on how to use the gadgets. Other than the manual provided, you can request for a quick demonstration from the sales person or follow the OSHA guidelines. Using it without any form of training often leads to wastage.

Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

After use, it is important to ensure that the gadget is properly maintained and recharged. This will make it ready to use in the event of another fire break out. Once the seal has been broken the pressure is reduced. Therefore, when in use again it will not be effective since it is partially filled.

Safety Distance

When putting out a fire using fire extinguishers, it is important to keep a safe distance to avoid injuries. In addition, a safe distance will allow one to control the fire with ease using a fire extinguisher.

Fire Traps

Be keen to identify fire traps. During fire outbreaks, various flammable liquids are spilled all over. You need to be cautious as it may lead to injuries or cause the fire to spread to other areas.

Establish a Fire Exit Point

This should be the first step when dealing with a fire outbreak. Sometimes it gets out of hand leaving you trapped amidst the fire. This could lead to suffocation or death. If you are unable to manage the fire and it is becoming worse, use the nearest fire exit.

Fire Alert

While putting out the fire, ensure that you notify someone or trigger a fire alarm. This will help to keep others away from danger and also you can get people to help contain the fire.